The 30 Computers Sculpture Project
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Computer Virus Sculpture #6:

T9 Track Virus (2009)

The full name of this sculpture is CV#6 T9 Track 1/2" 6250BPI Magnetic Tape Virus. This sculpture incorporates sections of 9 track magnetic tapes, electromagnetic driver from 3 1/2" floppy drives, PC power supply cables, as well as (formerly) Top Secret DOD CD-ROMs. The shape and structure of the computer virus is directly influenced by the T4 Bacteriophage. virus.

The head of the T9 has an icosahedron shape with 20 faces. The material inside of the head, underneath each face, represents the DNA of the virus. The face of each nodule is formed from the electromagnetic ring of a floppy drive which in turn is enveloped by a ring of snippets of 9 Track Tapes. When this scuplture is exhibited, there is a pile of discarded and unraveled 9 track tapes under its base, representing the bacteria cells destroyed by the T9 bacteriophage virus.

The Origins Nine Track 1/2" 6250pbi Magnetic Tape
Top Secret DOD CD-ROMS ...with a nice shade of blue eye shadow
Floppy Electro Magnet Extra Credit: What is the name of this part?
In Formation Preparing the legs
A Critical Drill CAUTION: Acrylic Solvent is Highly Toxic
Nodules Nodules Another View
Lining Up Prior to Deployment Shaft Collars and Installation

Artomatic 2009

Here is T9 getting ready for Opening Night.



Catching a Reflection of Stephanie.

Photo by Mackenzie McCluer

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