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Washington Sculptor Group, Welding Class, March 23, 2009
Instructors: Sam Noto (and Host), Chas Colburn
Sam and Chas lead welding class
  Sam and Chas lead class  
The Three Weldateers (Laurel, Novi and Sean)
Chas shows the way its done. Barry, Nancy, Kevin and Novi look on.
Barry, Nancy, Chas, Kevin, Novi and Rick's ghost
Rick, Kevin and Barry watch as Chas shows how it is done
Chas gives some tips to George as Barry, Nancy and Kevin listen in
Chas, Nancy, George and Kevin are focused on the finding the puddle
Sam shows Nancy how to change the wire spool on the MIG welder
Laurel get final instructions from Chas, while Barry, Kevin and George listen in
Laurel finds the puddle
Laurel gets in close
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