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Forrest McCluer - Economist by day, sculptor by night

This website is intended to provide a home to the 30 Computers Sculpture Project. This project has grown both in scale and complexity beyond what I had originally imagined. This site is also designed and intended to suit your viewing pleasure. Since it is a work in progress, please let me know if you find any web problems, annoyances or if you have questions left unanswered. Your suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated.

In addition, your contributions of computer parts would be also greatly appreciated. While the theme of this project is to create sculptures out of 30 discarded computers, there are a couple of exceptions and caveats. First, the discarded computers did not have any hard drives - they were removed and destroyed for security purposes. None of the discarded computers included a monitor, keyboard or mouse.

Second, I am also taking advantage of other "found objects" when I can see how they fit into this project. In particular, I found a 6' tall aluminum rack sticking out of a dumpster. That object will be used in the Brain Scanner sculpture. I also found an interesting Plexiglas display stand of some sort. This display stand had over 120 1" holes cut in it. Eventually, I determined that I would use that object as the base for the Voices sculpture that takes advantage of the PC speakers. However, I only have 30 of the speakers. If you have extra or discarded PC speakers please contribute them to the 30 Computers Project. If you are willing to do so, please also send along a WAV recordings of the word "Peace" in as many languages as you know. Please also include a brief statement < 15 seconds. If you also send a photo or video I may eventually incorporate that into the piece as well. Any contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.

Before turning my attention more fully to the 30 Computers Sculpture Project, I was working on other sculptures and 2D art work. For those that are interested, you can find some of my other art work here:

Other Art Works and Projects

I am currently living in Falls Church, Virginia with my wonderful wife, Martha, and two extraordinary children:  Kenzie who graduated as a journalism major from Northwestern University, and Kelly is a Junior at University of Maryland.

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If you would like to be kept informed when new sculptures or features are added to the 30 Computers Sculpture Project, I would be glad to add you to a mailing list. I will also let you know when any sculptures are being exhibited or when any significant stories or news coverage is given to this project. If you are interested please email me at: info at 30computers.com with the subject line something to the effect "Please add me to your list." A note would be great, too. This mailing list will not ever be sold, distributed or loaned out. It will never be used for spam. You can unsubscribe at any time. Just let me know.


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