The 30 Computers Sculpture Project
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ePotomac Fans (2012)

This sculpture utilizes 30 Sanyo SanAce120L fans which are housed in 120x120x38mm aluminium cases. This sculpture was commissioned by Potomac eScrap. The sculpture will be located at Potomac eScrap in Manassas, Virginia.

Sanyo SanAce120L DC48V

ePotomac Fans (2012) 25" dia, 25 lbs.

This sculpture forms a small rhombicosadodecahedron where the fans comprise the 30 squares, the 12 pentagons and 20 triangles appear as negative spaces.


The sculpture was delivered to the office of Potomac eScrap on November 9, 2012.


Forrest McCluer, Thory Monsen and Justin Kidd (L to R).

See their Facebook page.

Photo by Mackenzie McCluer


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