The 30 Computers Sculpture Project
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Computer Virus Sculpture #1:

Floppy (2009)

This sculpture is influenced by a combination of biological viruses. It has a head, tail and long tail fibers like a T4 Bacteriophage. It has fibers radiating from the 12 vertices of its icosahedral capsid like that of a Adenovirus 36.

This sculpture is composed parts from floppy disks and floppy disk drives. Frames from 30 floppy drives cover the outer shell of this sculpture, cables from power supplies are located deep in the inner capsule which is covered with the silver hubs from floppy disks. Thin magnetic disks from hundreds of floppy disks cover the tubes coming from 12 vertices. The sculpture has a long black cable emanating from its base into a pile of floppy disks representing destroyed bacteria.

The outer shell is in the shape of a small rhombicosidodecadedron. This Archimedean solid has 20 triangles, 12 pentagons and 30 squares. Each square holds a frame from a floppy drive. The inner membrane shell is in the shape of an icosahedron. The surface is clear acrylic covered with silver hubs from floppy disks.


The first outside shot after finishing the sculpture. It was a beautiful day.
Internal membrane and DNA strands DNA strands in progress
Taking shape on the shop floor Pile of Floppy Frames
Jigs for the Pentagon Catching some rays
Striking a pose It sees it own shadow

Artomatic 2009

Here is Floppy's pimped out ride on the way to the big dance.

New Digs: AOM '09 5th Floor Up Close - See the interior capsid

Photo by Mackenzie McCluer

Photo by Mackenzie McCluer

Interior and Exterior Shells Diskette Residue After the Virus is Done with Them

Photo by Mackenzie McCluer

Photo by Mackenzie McCluer

Megan and Forrest in Biohazard Suits (just in case) New Digs: AOM '09 5th Floor
Ready for Opening Day Completed job - No Viruses

Artomatic Reviews and Comments

    "Seven scoops of Fantastic!" Steve and Stacy
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