The 30 Computers Sculpture Project
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Computer Virus Sculpture #2:

Wilco Virus (2009)

The sculpture is a representation of the HIV virus which leads to AIDS. This biological virus is one of several types of viruses that have an icosahedral shape.


Copyright Russell Kightley Images,

The materials used in this sculpture include polycarbonate for the membrane, inside the membrane are the wires from CAT5 cable representing DNA strands. The 72 nodules that cover the surface are similar to the toroidal inductors found in PC power supplies. Dan Doherty points out that that these inductors look like the old fashion "core" memory that shows up in mainframes, see Magnetic Core Memory.

These specific toroidal inductors were kindly donated by Wilco Industrial.

A Mosh Pit of Yellow Toroidal Inductors
Building the Pieces Nodules in Progress
Toroidal at Artomatic Toroidal at Artomatic

Photo by Mackenzie McCluer

Photo by Mackenzie McCluer

Toroidal in the Light Toroidal in the Dark
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