The 30 Computers Sculpture Project
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Mother Globe (2008)

Mother Globe (2008) is a kinetic sculpture made of motherboards, steel, aluminum and granite, measuring 66" by 36" by 36". The motherboards form a globe-like geometric shape I am calling a Cubiakis Icosahedron which spins on two axes. The angle of one axis is the same as the Earth's axis, and the display stand serves to enhance the sculpture's likeness to a globe. The chips and circuitry on the motherboards further suggest an extensive metropolis with dense and interconnnected cityscapes. To emphasize the collection's theme of permanence versus transience, the granite base was taken from a D.C. bank building on the corner of K and Connecticut Ave. that was demolished in 2004.

Mother Globe 2008 - In Motion (video)
MG001 MG001
Mother Globe 2008 Art-o-Matic 2008
MG005 Art of Change
Reincarnations Opening, 2008 Art of Change, Obama Inauguration January 2009
Frame Frame
In Progress My father, Robert H. McCluer, celebrating the finished frame for MotherGlobe.
The Beginning: The Prototype 2002



Artomatic Comments

Really like your sculpture.
Very innovative and very cool!
Way cool!
MYSTIFIED. I am mystified. This was so cool that I couldn’t articulate myself.
What happened to the big board?
Cool Globe Dude
I love recycling. So Awesome.
!!WOW!! Tamia
Nice icosahedron! -Chris Ui
Very artistic. (I) like different MoBos - still seem as though they were meant to be as one. - Gene -
Oh wow. What a "stomach churner."
The perfect coalescence of art & engineering. A delight! Megan
YES!!! This is awesome. Dan
I like it a lot. Ted
Did you burn your hand?-Mr. Boombastic
I like your word play on the title
How many years to collect and make?Niko
Why do we have to move it ourselves, but it must have taken a long time.from Calissa
Fabulous!! Does it spin? Erwin
You make art. JH
Can I touch it? Please?
That is the shit!!! Best sculpture I have seen in a while. Sklov
But can I play my XBox on it?
This thing is so cool I was afraid to touch it at first (haha), but then my friend told be that it is a gyroscope.
Incredible piece. Carl Cabading
Beautiful in thought and form!-Julie
Truly creative
cool pieces
I knew there was a use for old computer mobos
We want to spin it!!
We spun this like the Price is Right. And some jackass touched the art part. Sorry about him. We smashed him for you. I would make room in my life this this to live with me. Kassondra & Cady
Mother Globe is a piece I would live to show at Artery717. Please Consider it. Deidree Bemey
Amazing piece! Nina
My favorite of this year’s Artomatic!!! Ben Lu
Best Use of Old Motherboards!!
Great work/concept/execution. Yeee-haw!
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