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Bones (2005)

Bones was the first sculpture I completed in this series and I had not yet figured out how to display it. Sean Coyne, our neighbor, started to refer to our back yard as Area 51.

Bones (2005)

The first winter for Bones.

Skin (2005)

This photo was taken just after Skin was placed upon its pedestal. Many thanks to Sean Coyne, Greg Garno, Rick Scarlat and Dave Cheplick who helped lift it into place.

Mother Globe (2008)

This photo is taken at Artomatic 2008.

Mother Globe (2008)

Catching some rays.

Digital Womb (2008) with Skin (2004)  in the background

Since Digital Womb looks the same from every perspective, why not look up at it?

Computer Lamp - 1 (2004)

This lamp is made up of four mother boards. A nice feature is that each of boards had CPU fans which could be turned off and on from a second switch.

Computer Virus #1
Floppy (2009) 

This is based on a hybrid of T4 Bacteriophge and Adenovirus

Computer Virus #2
Wilco Virus (2009) 

This is based on HIV/AIDs Virus

Computer Virus #3
Transformer Virus (2009) 

This work was influenced by the Rhinovirus - the common cold.

Computer Virus #4
Capacitor Virus (2009) 

This work was influenced by the Rhinovirus - the common cold.

Computer Virus #5
Magneto Virus (2009) 

This is based on a Cumcumber Mosaic Virus

Computer Virus #6
T9 Track Tape Virus (2009) 

This sculpture is based on the T4 Bacteriophage Virus, the interior of the head is incomplete in this photo.

Computer Virus #7
AdenoVirus (2012) 

This sculpture is based on the adenovirus. Its distinguishing feature are the 12 fibers, it is covered with 252 CDs.

ePotomac Fans(2012) 

This sculpture is based computer fans that were discarded as electronic waste.

eFiber Spool (2012) 

This sculpture is based optic fiber spools that were discarded as electronic waste.

eFiber Hubs (2013) 

This sculpture is based optic fiber spool hubs that were discarded as electronic waste.



Martha and I at Reincarnations (2008)

Ron, Debra and Shannon Hood at Reincarnations (2008)

The Hoods came to the opening and had a delightful time.

My daughter Kelly and Mother Globe at Artomatic (2008)

Kelly and I had a great time seeing all of the interesting, insightful, inspirational, as well as perplexing artistic works at Artomatic (2008)

Discussing art at Reincarnations (2008)

The Reincarnations exhibit at 1111 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC was a great show with lots of very interesting pieces and artists. The show was curated by Linda and Steve Krensky and the Zenith Art Gallery.

Mother Globe (2008)

Mother Globe and I at Artomatic (2008) The steel table next to me was an outgrowth of a failed effort to make a metal stamp to bend computer covers.

Artomatic 2009

Megan and I setup Floppy and the Computer Virus exhibit, dressed in our BioHazard suits, just in case.

Artomatic 2009

Computer Viruses

The AOM 09 exhibit had Floppy out front, flanked by Capacitor, Transistor and Magneto Viruses on the left and T9 Track Virus on the right. The Computer Virus Transport Module is on the back right.

Artomatic 2009

Kelly and the BioHazard Team made sure that the viruses did not infect anyone.

Artomatic 2009

The BioHazard Team recounts their efforts to chase down viruses as they ran through the opening night crowds.

Artomatic 2009

The Computer Virus exhibit drew some interested visitors on Opening Night.

In Progress

A corner from Digital Womb

Each corner is reinforced with plywood straps that are glued to the edges. Hinges are added in the next step.

Cleaning up MotherGlobe

My Halloween Costume.

Mother Globe in progress circa 2004.

The aluminum frame that support the motherboards is very interesting itself. I may try to build another frame like this.

Getting the dihedral right.

This jig has very fine tune adjustments.


Power Cables

Read/Write heads for Floppy

Toroidals donated by Wilco Corporation.

Magneto congregation.


(formerly) Top Secret DOD CD-ROMs

Electro Magnetic Closeup

Electro Magnetic Closeup

Electro Magnetic Formation

Electro Magnetic Formation

Disassembled power supplies.

Disassembled power supplies.

Electro Magnetic Closeup

Power Supply board


Small parts from disassembled power supplies.

Bright blue electronic parts.

Heat sinks for transistors

Power Supply Inductors


Really small power supply parts after pulling out the bigger parts.

Toroidals from power supplies.

Diamond S3 video boards were very popular

More power supply toroidals

Toroidal, Various

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